Tips for Writing Excellent Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays are a common example of academic essays assigned by most tutors. These essays seek to find out if students have an understanding of what they are writing. It is more than just writing compelling stances. It has to be well-structure for it to be considered a worthwhile essay.

Steps to Follow

When writing a good argumentative essay, the structure is key. Missing a step may be why you end up with a poor essay that could cost you a great score and affect the final grade you get. Fortunately, experts have outlined some of the simple steps that guarantee excellent results when followed.

  • Always have an introduction that ushers in your argument
  • Create a thesis statement that is concise and carrying the main idea
  • Create meaningful body paragraphs. Each paragraph should be self-explanatory and properly cited.
  • Have a conclusion that summarizes your arguments and stand.

Introducing the Argument Professionally

While anyone can write two to three sentences that may be considered an introduction, it takes a conscious mind to create meaningful intros. This first paragraph should set some form of outline describing the entire essay. It should capture the background information that will, in turn, provide a basis for the essay and research. The main idea should also be clear from this point since the subsequent paragraphs will be a buildup and expansion of the idea.

Create Your Thesis Statement

While most people would be tempted to put it as an independent paragraph, it should be part of the intro. Make sure it comes towards the end, though. It is the part of the intro paragraph that charts the way forward with your arguments. Without it, the discussion may spin-off to wrong meaningless directions.

Build the Body

Several paragraphs will go into this part, depending on the number of word count you need to accomplish. Usually, it will not be less than 3 paragraphs, each supporting the stand you took on your thesis. Do not mix ideas in one paragraph since this will make the essay difficult to read and appear unprofessional. Use topic sentences where necessary to clarify each section or paragraph further, especially if there will be a need to subdivide it into bulleted points of subtitles.

Be Thorough

When backing up your content, you must ensure that you are using reliable sources. Before starting the write-up, make sure that you have gathered all your points and information, with supporting evidence. You need to quote statistics when dealing with numbers and look for relevant studies supporting your argument. Only use reliable sources and explain why you propose them, tying the information to your argument.

Conclude Decisively

Remember that you are defending your argument and that the best way to show that you are convicted with the stand you took is to re-emphasize it in the conclusion section. Be careful about introducing new ideas at the end since this will not be a good conclusion. It is best to summarize the key points and emphasize on the stand you took, preferably showing how this has affected you.

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