Reasons for Writing Belligerent Essays

An argumentative essay focuses on a single point where the writer is responsible for convincing the reader to support his/her arguments. The student must address all the focuses related to that aspect and ask to writemyessayonline. An argumentative essay may be based on several topics, including:

  • Political characteristics
  • Health care characteristics
  • Innovation characteristics
  • Science characteristics

Outlining a Belligerent Essay

The student must apply the correct essay structure when writing a belligerent essay. The design gives the reader an easier time when trying to understand your arguments. The student must follow the format below when writing a controversial article.

The Introduction

In this section, you should outline the subject you are addressing. Give a summary of all the necessary information related to your topic. This background information should be back up by enough focuses. Remember to create an enticing introduction that will grab your reader’s attention.

Write a Research Problem.

This should be a part of the introduction paragraph. A problem statement is a short and precise sentence that aims at summarizing the topic you are addressing. It should state your stand regarding the issue being addressed once you settle on the research problem, picture how you will formulate your arguments. The following are some of the ideas claims to consider:

The Facts

You should ask yourself if the statement is true. Analyze all aspects revolving around that topic.

Give a Definition

After analyzing these aspects, the next step is to define your research problem. Start by defining a dictionary. Also, include your definition, how you perceive the research problem.


The next step will be to state what value the research problem has on your essay. How important is the subject you are addressing? Give facts that can support the importance of your writing.

Stating the Cause and Effects

In this section, you will be addressing what causes the problem you are addressing. Talk about all the causes, no matter how insignificant they seem. The next step will be to discuss the effects associated with this problem.

Policies Implemented

The last step should be to discuss the policies projected to cope with this problem. You can even ask your audience to suggest possible approaches that can be used to deal with the situation.

The Body

Generally, the essay should not exceed five paragraphs. In each section, you should focus on a single idea that supports the research problem. This makes your paper have a smooth flow of pictures that are understandable to the reader. In the body paragraphs, you back up all your contentions using examples, graphs, tables, charts, and statistics. You may also include the points that oppose your research problem and object to them. Give reasons as to why you are disapproving of these points.

The Conclusion

This is the last section you write in a belligerent essay. It should be one paragraph. It would be best if you start by restating your research problem. The next step is to give a summary of all your arguments. You should never introduce new points in the conclusion. It ideal to conclude by using a personal story that relates to the topic. This will help you raise the emotions of the audience.