The Aims of a Case Study

This paper aims to make the students learn means of evaluating the problems a business or an industry faces and the solutions they wish to implement and ask about how to make essay order. The student will need all the help they can get to complete this task diligently. As a student, you are required to show how these problems may affect the various functions. Sometimes your tutor may decide to give a topic from which you should make a case study. You ought to analyze all the data available to you. A case study requires you to be in you’re A-game. The following are some of the things you need to incorporate when writing your case study:

Apply Real Examples

If given the freedom to choose your topic, always use examples that the reader can relate to from real-life experiences. This makes the reader comprehend your articulations better.

Discuss your Arguments in Point form

When making your arguments, always do it point by point. This will help your paper have a smooth flow that will be understandable to the reader. It also makes it easier for you had created an outline for your article.

Use Credible Data

This is the most important thing to do when writing case studies. As a student, you should make sure the data you use is verifiable. Do not falsify any information.

Make your Paper Believable

To do this, you should incorporate real data you acquired from your research. always include the following in your paper:

  1. A time frame of your analysis
  2. The problems the business is facing
  3. Methods of solving these problems

When writing a case study, there are a few things you need to avoid. They include:

  1. Limiting yourself
  2. Using fake sources
  3. Not writing a conclusion

A well-written case study must have a proper structure. This structure is no different for the ones we use when writing essays. You must include the following:

A title page

The title page should consist of the following:

  • The title of your case study
  • Your name
  • The institution’s name


When writing the abstract, you may decide to follow any of these two formats;

Narrative format

If you decide to apply this format, you should give a summary of the whole paper. By doing so, you give the reader a clear picture of the issues you are addressing.

Structured format

When using a structured format, you will be needed to include scientific data from your analysis. Include the research questions used in your research. Include all the sub-headings in your paper to give the reader an idea of how you have arranged your case study.

The introduction

The purpose of writing an introduction is to give the reader an idea of the arguments discussed in the paper. Make it interesting.

The body

In this section, you should display all your contentions. Real data from your research should back up each point


Give the reader an explanation of how the problems were solved. Give recommendations for future analysis done.


Sum up all your points in this section.


List all the sources of information you used. Makes sure they are credible.