Steps in Paraphrasing a Paragraph.

Plagiarism is an academic offense that instructors do not take lightly, and the only way to avoid it is through paraphrasing. Instructors may cancel your essay or award you lower marks in case they detect plagiarism in your writing. You have to express the content uniquely to avoid plagiarism. Here are some steps to paraphrase your texts and deliver unique essays.

Read and Comprehend the Content

The first step in paraphrasing is to read and comprehend the content. Reading and understanding the passage helps you know the relevant information from the reference material that you wish to include in your writing. Some of the benefits of reading and comprehending the text you want to paraphrase includes;

  • If the professor wants you to show competence in the subject, you can respond to them verbally or by writing without referring to the material.
  • It gives you a chance to omit less relevant information when writing.
  • Assists you identify the keywords.

Write Down the Essential Concepts

Once you have understood the content of the material you want to paraphrase, you have to write down the key concepts. These key concepts are central ideas you wish to include in your work. Listing these concepts will assist you in your writing since they should be part of your research. When you don't understand some ideas, you should search for the meaning to ensure your writing is on facts.

Summarize the Text without Referring to the Source.

After writing down the essential concepts, you need to test your understanding by summarizing it without looking at the reference material. You do not need to use complicated vocabulary in this stage since the vital information is what you want to put down. The summary is a reflection of your depth of understanding.

Compare your Summary with the Text from the Source

Once you have a summary of the text, then you have to compare it with the original text to see if you covered all the key concepts. When comparing the two texts, you need to adjust your writing if you added irrelevant information or omitted vital information. The key concepts you had written down should guide you to know what relevant information you should include.

Cite your Source

When you are done paraphrasing, you have to recognize the author of the text of your reference material by citing their work. There are various citation formats you can use when citing, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Vancouver, and Chicago. Some of the importance of citing your work includes;

  1. It assists you to evade plagiarism cases.
  2. It guides the reader on where they can get additional information in your essay.
  3. It acknowledges the work of the author.
  4. It shows your credibility.

To deliver plagiarism-free essays, rely on the above steps of paraphrasing. There is academic software that checks your paper for plagiarism. Therefore, if you are not confident that your work is original, you can do a plagiarism check before submission.