What Constitutes Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is adopting other people’s work while passing them as yours in your papers. Even though sometimes plagiarism might be direct stealing, it can also happen accidentally without your knowledge. A student might be careless and ends up with a plagiarized paper on their hands.

The process of writing a college paper includes building upon previous researches from other authors. Good research uses information from other sources to solidify the content. The only way to get rid of plagiarism in your paper is by citing your sources.

Consequences of Plagiarism

There are various sever consequences for plagiarism for your college paper. Apart from tainting your academic career, plagiarism has a more significant impact on the college. Students are highly advised to avoid plagiarizing their papers before submission. Some consequences of plagiarism for a student include:

  • Get your college paper denied by your professors
  • Get you expelled or suspended from the learning institution
  • You can get legal action that results in hefty fines and penalties
  • Your entire papers submitted will come into question

Why Does Plagiarism Exist?

Sometimes, you cannot blame the student for presenting a plagiarized paper. Most students are under immense pressure while at school. You can imagine you have several assignments with close due dates by professors. It becomes challenging for a student to concentrate on one assignment at a time thoroughly.

Furthermore, current college life supports one’s wholesome growth. Academics are not the only focal point in a college. Students are engaged in different activities such as sports and arts for making an all-rounded student. Job descriptions currently need something extra than just academic papers.

Therefore, you get a student prioritizing between homework assignments and pursuing their hobbies. Another significant fact is that college students need to be part of a social circle. College is all about networking. You cannot spend all your nights in your college dorm, working on assignments.

How to Overcome Plagiarism

Here are various techniques you can uphold to help in posting a plagiarism-free paper to your instructors:

Tracing Sources

The first step towards avoiding plagiarism is paying credits to authors for vital information gained. When you use specific information in building your paper, ensure you properly cite your sources with in-text citations. Ensure each work appears on your reference page.


Instead of copy-pasting the entire work, you can decide to paraphrase it. Paraphrasing involves structuring the work with your own ideas. You describe the work using your words to come off as unique. When paraphrasing your college paper, it is essential to quote the specific author for the work. Paraphrasing involves building on the source while adding your ideas. 

Using Plagiarism Checker

There are occasions you might feel confident after writing a paper using your knowledge. You feel extra confident in turning in the paper to your instructor. Unfortunately, your paper gets flagged down for plagiarism. What went wrong? You did not put the time to check the plagiarism score for your paper. It is advisable to check for any plagiarism for your essay before making the final submission.