Impressing your Lecturer with the Best Argumentative Essay

You may be asked to write an argumentative essay as part of your academic assessment. This involves following all your tutor’s requirements and sticking to the instructions, including the word count limits. However, despite the specifications outlined in the assignment details, most argumentative essays follow a specific structure and format. Below are some of the few hacks that students can use to write like professionals.

  • Appropriate choice of topics. Note that a compelling topic is a key to winning the confidence of your target audience.
  • Excellent grammar and formatting skills. No matter how well you write, simple issues such as typos and constant grammar errors can cost you your grade.
  • Focus on correct sentence structuring. Be careful with punctuation and validity of the information you include
  • Ask for feedback from friends and those close to you. This will help you rectify mistakes that you would otherwise ignore or fail to realize.
  • Keep practicing. Manage your expectations and keep perfecting your skill with time. It is better to hire a professional writer if you need a perfect essay the first time you attempt writing.

Organizing Your Content

To write a good argumentative essay, you first need to understand what this essay is about. Note that these types of essays attempt to persuade the audience to accept the author’s perspective on a specific subject. When you write, focus on achieving this goal since it is what determines if you have achieved the desired goal. Apart from the introduction and conclusion, the supporting paragraphs in between should prove why your point is true, and a few others, showing why the opposite is not true.

Choosing Your Topic

Now that you know your argumentative essay read the tutor's instructions and determine which topic is the most appropriate. Once you have understood the instructions, choose a topic that can be argued for or against. A tip that would work perfectly is choosing a topic that you argue for.

Research Extensively

Being an argumentative or persuasive essay, you need to have enough backup information to support your argument. The only way to convince your audience, and even prove to the lecturer that you are sure of what you are doing is to use backup sources for the claims you make. These same sources can be used in your counter-arguments, thus reinforcing the strength of all your arguments.

Have an Outline

Academic papers follow specific outlines. In this case, argumentative essays must start with an introduction with a hook and thesis statement, then followed by several supporting paragraphs and counter-arguments, before wrapping up with a conclusion that reinforces your stand. This format should not be altered if you are to get all the marks. Unless your tutor states otherwise, sticking to the format described above is the best move.

Edit and Proofread Before Submitting

Your tutor is going to assess the work you submit. The last thing you want is to lose marks because of simple grammar errors. Always proofread the written draft and perfect it before submitting

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