How Long Does It Take to Write a Case Study?

The time takes to complete a case study may vary depending on the institution's size and the magnitude of the problem. It may take even months to meet a single case study. To start with, a topic or an organization must be chosen. After settling on an issue, the writer must now develop a hypothesis related to the topic. Proper research must be conducted. The study should be qualitative and quantitative.

A case study may be more than a hundred pages depending on the company's size or topic. Either way, a well-written case study should include the following essential things:

  1. The introduction
  2. The background
  3. Research methodologies
  4. The conclusion

The following are the rules one must follow when writing a case study:

Be Fast

Writing case studies involve a lot of technical procedures. It may take you months to complete a single case study. The research involving case studies requires on to be fast as it can be. Students should start writing their specific case studies as soon as they get their topic confirmed by the instructor.

Focus on One Key Aspect of an Organization

The writer should always focus on one point from the beginning to the end. When you include various aspects of your paper, you may take more time in your research. Secondly, the reader may find it challenging to understand your arguments if you include more than one point in your case study.

Keep your Paper Short.

An ideal case study should not exceed 100 pages. It's advisable to use bullet points where necessary. Make sure you keep your sentences short and direct to the end. Nobody has the time to read monotonous sentences.

Tell a Real Story

An ideal way of writing a case study is to include a short story related to your subject. The narrative should relate to the problems the company is facing. It should also reveal the ideal solutions to be used to cope with these problems.

Do Research

Enough contemplations must back up a proper case study. You may decide to interview various customers. If you don't have enough points to support your case study, it's not worth writing it. When researching, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the problems the company is facing?
  • What is the cause of these problems?
  • What impact do they have on the company?

Use verifiable sources

Make sure the sources you use are credible. A well-written case study will be disregarded if the tutor notices you used fake sources. If you can't find any sources for your paper, do not hesitate to ask for guidance from your tutor.

Be Consistent

Case studies should be written to address the problems customers face. Do not exaggerate your case study to market a company. Exciting about an aspect of a company makes your paper lose its credibility. You should always focus on the central problem even if the company needs you to write on a different aspect.